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Are EMRAM Stage 7 Nurses More Successful?

Are EMRAM Stage 7 Nurses More Successful?

A 2020 KLAS-HIMSS Analytics Collaboration

Authored by:  Bryant Wood and Connor Bice, 02/06/2020 | Read Time: 4 minutes

Health information technology is a commonly cited source of clinician frustration and burnout. But what about clinicians at organizations that have reached the peak of EHR adoption—HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7? Do their clinicians report more or less EHR frustration? In 2019, KLAS (in cooperation with HIMSS Analytics) examined this question as it relates to physicians. This 2020 follow-up explores how an organization’s EMRAM stage impacts EHR satisfaction among nurses.To conduct the analysis, KLAS analyzed the Arch Collaborative survey responses of over 34,000 nurses from hundreds of individual hospitals. Throughout this report, responses from the nurses are grouped by organization, with each organization designated as either Stage 7, Stage 6, or Stage Not Validated, depending on the publicly available information from HIMSS Analytics.

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HIMSS Analytics is a global healthcare information and technology standards organization assisting regulatory bodies and healthcare providers in making lasting improvements in efficiency, performance, and care outcomes. Offering a suite of Maturity Models led by flagship model EMRAM, HIMSS Analytics provides prescriptive frameworks to healthcare organizations allowing for global comparability, benchmarking, and strategic clinical and financial improvement. HIMSS Analytics' Certified Consultant Program offers professional training for vendors to educate and build strategy around the Maturity Models. HIMSS Analytics is a wholly owned subsidiary of HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society). For more information, visit www.himssanalytics.org.

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The Arch Collaborative is a global, provider-led effort to improve EHR usability and satisfaction through consistent measurement, benchmarking, and collaboration around best practices. To date, over 150 provider organizations have measured the feedback of their clinical EHR users and have begun to take steps to improve the EHR experience. If your organization is interested in maximizing the value of your EHR, learn more at https://klasresearch.com/arch-collaborative or email us at archcollaborative@klasresearch.com.

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