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Creating the EMR Advantage
Dec 2017

Creating the EMR Advantage

EMR Best Practices Study

Authored by:  Taylor Davis, 12/06/2017 | Read Time: 1 minutes

We built EMRs to help clinicians deliver dramatically bettercare and to be more efficient in that care. If clinicianseverywhere consistently praised EMRs for revolutionizingthe practice of medicine, wouldn't that be an indication thatthe EMR was a success?

But that is not happening.

In late 2016, in an effort to turn the tide of EMR frustration,KLAS gathered with a handful of provider organizationswith the idea of creating a common end-user satisfactionsurvey to be used as a means of establishing satisfactionbenchmarks and enabling provider organizations to learnfrom each other’s successes and failures. Today, this effort—called the Arch Collaborative—has collected 15,535 userperspectives from 55 organizations.

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