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Successful Users' Keys to EHR Satisfaction
May 2019

Successful Users' Keys to EHR Satisfaction

An Arch Collaborative Impact Report

Authored by:  Connor Bice, 05/13/2019 | Read Time: 2 minutes

In October 2018, the Arch Collaborative added an open-ended question to the end of our clinician-experience survey for those who report high satisfaction and efficiency: What do you believe that you do differently from some of your peers that enables you to be highly successful with the EHR? This question only appears for those clinicians who agree or strongly agree that the EHR enables them to deliver high-quality care and that the EHR makes them as efficient as possible. Arch Collaborative data has indicated that the keys to EHR success lie with EHR education, EHR personalization, and the organization’s culture. But what do the clinicians themselves cite? The following report highlights what the first 1,261 clinicians to answer the question above do differently to be successful, and what other clinicians who may not be using the EHR quite as successfully can learn from their peers.

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Across clinician types, EHR education is the most common differentiator—27% of responding clinicians say their successful use of the EHR can be traced back to their efforts in obtaining EHR education. Another standout factor is whether users personalize the EHR to fit their individual workflow needs.

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Among providers (physicians, residents, and APPs) who answered this question, personalization and EHR education are still the top two factors supporting high satisfaction, though for providers, personalization was credited more often than education.

all clinicians keys to ehr satisfaction
providers keys to ehr satisfaction

nurses iconFor nurses, doubling down on time spent learning the EHR is far and away the most important key to success: 44% cite this as the main factor that drives their successful use of the EHR. The second most mentioned category is experience with the EHR; it appears that the more time nurses spend in the EHR, the better equipped they are to be successful with it. Personalization was mentioned less by nurses largely because of the fact that personalization tools for nurses are absent from most EHR builds.

nurses keys to ehr satisfaction

1 While clinicians can find success using many EHRs, most of this data comes from clinicians who use Epic. This is primarily due to the high number of Epic customers who have participated in the Arch Collaborative so far.

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