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Acute Care EMR

Large - Over 400 Beds
A+ = >95.0
A = 91.0-94.9
A- = 88.0-90.9
B+ = 85.0-87.9
B = 81.0-84.9
B- = 78.0-80.9
C+ = 75.0-77.9
C = 71.0-74.9
C- = 68.0-70.9
D+ = 65.0-67.9
D = 61.0-64.9
D- = 58.0-60.9
F = <58.0
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Patient Access 2021
Due to the ever-increasing complexity of revenue cycle management, organizations have historically had to supplement patient access functionality from their enterprise EMR vendor with third-party revenue cycle vendors. But with the push toward software consolidation, organizations would like their enterprise EMR vendors to further develop patient access capabilities and better meet customers’ growing needs. This report examines the patient access offerings of enterprise EMR vendors † Cerner, Epic, and MEDITECH and shares customers’ perception of how well positioned these vendors are to deliver functionality currently provided by third parties. To view performance data for third-party vendors, click here . † KLAS was unable to interview a sufficient number of Sunrise Financial Manager customers to include data for Allscripts’ patient access offering. What Is Patient Access? For the purposes of this report, patient access functionality includes address verification, cost estimates, coverage discovery, eligibility verification, medical necessity, prior authorizations, propensity to pay, registration QA, and scheduling. KLAS acknowledges this functionality is closely related to other areas like patient experience improvement, patient financial engagement, and patient intake management. To access data about these additional areas, view the relevant market segments on the KLAS website.

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