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Nordic's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Clinical Workflow Response
Remote assistance for developing just-in-time clinical tools and operational processes that help facilitate new patient scenarios

It’s crucial for your health system to embed efficiency into technology where possible while responding to the current crisis. Nordic will offer remote assistance for your clinical teams developing just-in-time tools and operational processes that help facilitate your new patient scenarios. Focus areas may be:

  • Remote or portable screening for COVID-19 patients—assessing patients/visitors upon entry to the facility or in a designated separate location
  • Creation of COVID-19 specific documentation tools that limit extra steps for staff
  • Triage protocols to facilitate nurse line or hotline workflows. These may include questions regarding symptoms and resulting workflows for any “yes” symptoms and travel questions that adhere to CDC guidelines
  • Defining policy and documenting approved video types (e.g., FaceTime, Skype) for e-visits
  • Integration for potential third-party solutions to facilitate patient care remotely
  • Protocols for COVID-19 within the EHR—track, alert, and link to CDC requirements for specimens and the associated ordering workflows
  • Inpatient bed planning, cohorting, tracking of isolation rooms, and flagging rooms requiring special cleaning. Addition of virtual or temporary beds and care locations
  • Employee and patient education tools
  • Employee health documentation and possible staffing implications
  • Dashboard reflecting COVID-19 screening, case tracking, and patient management

Patient Scheduling, Registration, and Communication
Remotely implement changes to operational workflows and work with Epic EHR to support these workflows in a more automated fashion

With health systems delaying elective services, patients wondering what to do and when to come in, and the need to expedite all COVID-19 screening and rule out as much as possible, hospitals’ Access and Front Desk staff are overwhelmed. Nordic can help remotely implement rapid changes to your operational workflows and work with your Epic EHR to support these workflows in a more automated fashion including:

  • Questionnaires and scripting for staff to communicate to patients where to go or who to call for treatment and next steps, what is happening with their routine/elective services, etc.
  • Scripting and training for reception staff when staff members are present with specific symptoms
  • Updating patient instructions in scheduling protocols and appointment reminder calls
  • Establishing an appointment conversion plan to reschedule well and/or elective visits
  • Redefining shorter registration pathways for patients with specific chief complaints
  • Educational push to patients via MyChart (or your website/portal) that can include:
    • Text messages and emails on COVID-19 education and patient instructions
    • If I think I have COVID-19, what should I do?
    • Increased utilization of appointment reminders and instructions to reduce unnecessary cancellations
    • Methods of communication to your organization from patients with questions or symptoms
  • Set up referrals/authorizations to automatically approve for COVID-19 lab tests
  • Edit your benefits-engine build to suspend out-of-pocket charges for COVID-19 tests

Reporting and Tracking
Remotely establish analytics infrastructure necessary to monitor and track important statistics

Appropriate tracking and reporting remain important now and will continue to be important as we manage through and recover fromthis crisis. Nordic will partner remotely with your decision support team to establish the analytics infrastructure necessary to monitorand track the statistics most important to you.

  • Support a data submission process to communicate internally and with Public Health/CDC on those screened and treated at your health system
  • Documentation and tracking in Epic
  • Statistics and patterns of confirmed, pending, and possible cases—daily data from above items for leadership at your organization and other public health entities
  • Geo-mapping by zip code on screened, tested, positive, and recovered patients
  • Measuring the comprehensive financial impact of COVID-19
  • Supply chain and utilization analytics to aid procurement and staffing decisions

Online training
Virtualization of classroom training

With the current need to avoid large group settings, you may be struggling to determine how to quickly modify your delivery methods to avoid bringing learners into a crowded classroom.

  • Good enough to move on: Embrace the idea of “GETMO" - good enough to move on. There are two ways you can roll this out:
    • Nordic teaches you how to make quick and simple training
    • Nordic creates quick and simple training for you
  • We are happy to engage in teaching your team a quick process to streamline e-learning production with your current trainers. The process leverages PowerPoint to create short videos easily published in Captivate, producing SCORM-compliant modules and avoiding additional licensing and learning curves.
  • Roll out virtual, instructor-led training: Another option for moving online is virtual, instructor-led training. This does require instructors to learn the intricacies of online delivery and how to best engage a remote audience. If your team is overwhelmed or busy elsewhere, we can assist you by creating the actual courses, or we can conduct courses remotely allowing your trainers to convert content with the time saved. Either way, you’ll be able to move your education online more quickly.
  • Move to virtual personalization labs: The KLAS Arch Collaborative has shown a direct link between training and providers’ satisfaction with the EHR. A big part of provider satisfaction is personalizing the system to their role and preferences. Many organizations do that as part of onboarding. As organizations are now seeking to limit physician exposure, we recommend setting up remote personalization labs. In these labs, you can achieve the same goals and user satisfaction without in-person contact.

Staff Augmentation and Managed Services
Remote support of daily administrative operations, including financial clearance, Epic system maintenance and support, and billing and collections

What your health system might need most at this time is for individuals to help “keep the lights on” while your valued employees and team members are pulled into preparation/response task forces or to cover essential functions. Nordic can remotely support your daily administrative operations, whether that be helping in the financial clearance department, conducting necessary Epic system maintenance and support, or overseeing billing and collections operations.

  • Interim management and oversight of daily operations: Overseeing and managing your day-to-day operations while supervisors and management are pulled into emergency response and situation management meetings
  • Project management: Interim project management/support for existing revenue cycle or IT PMO projects or new projects related to COVID-19-related initiatives
  • IT staff augmentation: Certified and experienced Epic consultants to augment your IT team, either for your high-priority projects or to conduct incident resolution, queue monitoring, or content loads and management

Telehealth Solutions
Telehealth optimization services to maximize efficiency and improve outcomes

If you have a telehealth solution in place and would like to optimize it for maximum efficiency and improved outcomes, we can help with the following considerations:

  • Patient portal/MyChart configurations for suspected COVID-19 visits. This could include the addition of specific e-visits for COVID-19-related symptoms. It could also include scheduling template updates and visit-type updates to streamline the workflow and effectively track patients
  • A plan to quickly communicate the new service offerings to patients
  • Internal change management, training, and support
  • Documentation tools to facilitate coding and billing for telehealth
  • Advisory on the ever-changing regulatory and landscape updates

If your telehealth platform is less mature or not available across the organization, Nordic can assist in several ways:

  • Design a clear plan to move your organization forward
  • Clinical, operational, and technical expertise to implement the program designed
  • As part of the planning, we would consider these aspects:
    • Interfaces
    • Integration points with portals, servers, and website
    • Hardware requirements and purchases
    • Internal user support and support of patients who use the tool
    • Designated clinical staff
    • Permitted condition/complaint list
    • Protocols for any allowed prescriptions
    • Operational owners, policies, and change management

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