A picture is worth… - Cover

A picture is worth…

When 40 chairmen and chiefs of radiology gathered for a breakfast panel discussion recently at RSNA in Chicago, Illinois, you might think the topic of discussion for this prestigious group was the latest whiz-bang PACS or cutting-edge imaging techniques. But you would be wrong.

It was about the impact of health information exchanges (HIE) and meaningful use on imaging. Imagine that, in this day of digital technology and the internet, the challenge described by these executives revolved around how to get timely access to images and actionable data, no matter where they are.

Three key opinions shared by the group:
  • CPOE, if rolled out properly, is a potential boon to radiologists, greatly expanding the data radiologists currently see in exam histories.
  • Federating PACS data, making it “ours” instead of “mine,” will cut down on unnecessary duplicate exams while speeding the delivery of care. The dilemma is that financial incentives run opposite to this notion.
  • Personal health records are here to stay. Get ahead of the curve and deal with them now.
How are you adapting your imaging strategy for the connected age of HIE’s and preparing for meaningful use requirements?