Decision Insights™

is to transform the relationship between healthcare providers and vendors by elevating the voice of providers during the buying process, illuminating vendor best practices, and challenging vendors to create deep, lasting partnerships through improved presale and post-sale experiences.


What is


Decision Insights is a data set collected by KLAS that is designed to reveal the plans of both current and potential customers in a given market segment. We capture this data when provider organizations report that they made an HIT solution change in the past 12 months or plan to make a change in the next 24 months.

We aggregate this information to help provider organizations understand not only which vendors have the most energy but also the “why” behind their peers’ purchasing decisions.

Decision Insights is not a comprehensive census or a win/loss market share study. Rather, it represents a quick check on the pulse of a market based on the real experiences of the providers that KLAS interviews

Where does the data come from?

Decision Insights data is largely collected from two main sources


During KLAS interviews, researchers nearly always ask, “Is this product part of your long-term plans?” When the answer is no, our team digs deeper into why that provider might switch to a different product, what product they’re considering instead, and how many other products are in the running


Because our data is often most valuable for providers during a decision cycle, we’ve trained our researchers to give back relevant data, reports, and perspectives after an interview whenever possible. When asking about what kind of data would be the most helpful, providers often share valuable insights on the decisions they plan to make next.

KLAS regularly publishes Decision Insights reports to help you understand which vendors succeed in three simple areas:

Do customers want to BUY what the vendors are selling?

Do the vendors keep HOLD of their customers?

Are those customers HAPPY?

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