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IT Implementations Can Make or Break You


Data gathered by KLAS from 2018–2022 suggests that the quality of an implementation may be more important than the technology selected.

Unfortunately, we learned that about 50% of all enterprise-wide implementations measured were considered poor or problematic. And after experiencing a poor implementation, 75% of respondents remained dissatisfied with their solution a year or more after implementation.

poor or problematic graph
Percent of Respondents That Report Their Major Implementation Did Not Meet Expectations
(n=1,969 respondents)
Percent of Respondents Still Dissatisfied Graph
Percent of Respondents Still Dissatisfied >1 Year after Poor Implementation
(n=21 repeat respondents tracked over time)

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Strong Implementations: Where Vendors Should Invest for Market Leading Performance

KLAS is committed to helping improve the quality of implementations with our Landmark Insights initiative. KLAS data suggests that how well a technology is implemented may be more important than the vendor selected. In this webinar we discuss how KLAS is working with vendors and providers to help organizations improve the quality of their implementations. We are joined by Matt Stensland, who is leading a successful implementation project using Landmark Insights.


Lack of Visibility and Alignment Is a Major Reason for Implementation Failure


You cannot fix what you cannot see.

You cannot deliver properly when expectations are misaligned.

Our findings show that many of the reasons behind failed implementations are not tied to technical issues or the solution selected.

Instead, healthcare systems tell KLAS that failures typically come from a lack of transparency, alignment, governance, appropriate resources, and change management. These are all factors to consider when implementing new technology. These are also issues KLAS can help with.

lack of visibility chart

Ensure a Successful Implementation


KLAS’ Landmark Insights services are designed to provide the transparency and actionable insights needed for a more successful implementation.


Stakeholder Transparency and Accountability

To get a 360° perspective of an IT implementation, KLAS talks to all parties involved. Each stakeholder will regularly assess themselves and each other to ensure accountability.
Healthcare system
Software vendor
Third-party partners

KLAS’ Process:


Create Transparency

We create transparency by conducting interviews, analyzing the data, and reporting back the findings, concerns, and potential pitfalls uncovered during this process. In this way, concerns are highlighted early—before they become bigger problems.

Step 1
Early detection via regular interviews: We conduct interviews and analyze the data to quickly identify the most critical issues throughout the implementation.
Step 2
Unbiased 360° reporting and benchmarking progress: We regularly share our findings, identify trends, and give actionable insights.
KLAS implementation process diagram

Provide Accountability and Impact

We then work with leadership from each party to develop and execute action plans to affect positive change. We also meet with leadership regularly to measure and discuss progress on those initiatives.

Step 3
Course correct: KLAS brings all parties together to agree on corrective action.
Step 4
Assess impact: KLAS measures progress toward resolving issues, getting back on track, and achieving project objectives.

At the conclusion of these four steps, the process repeats throughout the implementation.


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