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Our mission is to improve the world’s healthcare through insights, collaboration, and transparency.

  • Understand the markets you care about
  • Find out who your peers are buying and how they rate their experience
  • Create a better ecosystem for your users

The Arch Collaborative is a group of healthcare organizations committed to improving the EHR experience.

Members of the Collaborative have seen:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Better retention
  • Reduced burnout
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KLAS performance data provides you with your performance scores as well as your users’ commentary.

  • Understand how you perform against your competitors in our reports
  • Continuously measure and improve with our insight & analysis services
  • Improve in a specific area through a custom research project

The Arch Collaborative is a group of healthcare organizations committed to improving the EHR experience.

Learn more about end users’ experiences, including:

  • Key pain points in using the EHR
  • Best practices that drive high user satisfaction
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When a payer engages with KLAS, they receive access to KLAS data that is collected from healthcare providers and payers.

This means access to:

  • Industry reports
  • User commentary
  • Real-time ratings
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Whether you’re an institutional investor, a financial sponsor, or leading corporate strategic efforts, KLAS performance insights can answer the tough questions that produce wise investments.

We offer a wide range of investment services including:

  • M&A Advisory Services
  • Institutional Investor Services
  • Venture Capital Private Equity Investor Services
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We’ve found the best way to improve Healthcare IT products is by uncovering the real-world user experiences from people on the front lines.

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