Our People

The KLAS team is passionate about helping you improve healthcare in your corner of the world. For more than 25 years, we have focused on bringing hard-hitting insights to the market, and on building trust through integrity and accountability. Meet the people and teams at KLAS who help drive this vision every day.

Executive Support Team

Adam Gale
Steve Low
Ryan Glenn
Jeremy Uffens
Tiffany Burnett
Mario Cuartas
Mark Allphin
Rebecca Hammond
Emily Paxman

Our Experts

Every team you work with at KLAS works tirelessly to help you be successful, no matter what role you fill in healthcare.

Alex McIntosh
Chloe Jensen
Ciera Walker
Dan Czech
Jenna Anderson
Jennifer Hickenlooper
Jonathan Christensen
Kyle Chilton
Paul Warburton
Robbie Bullough
Sam Eaquinto
Sarah Verseman
Shawn Howell
Sidney Tate
Spencer Snyder
Adam Cherrington
Benjamin Cassity
Boyd Stewart
Bradley Hunter
Chris Clune
Coray Tate
Daniel Zeitner
Dustin Cragun
Eder Lagemann
Everton Santos
Jackson Tate
Jason Hess
Jeremy Goff
Justin Long
Kaleb Harris
Mac Boyter
Mike Smith
Mollie Hunt
Monique Rasband
Niel Oscarson
Paul Hess
Ryan Oliver
Schafer Jackson
Steve VanWagenen
Trent Davis
Tyson Blauer
Warren Whitford
Alan Nebeker
Brittani Oliver
Chandler Katschke
Colton Ferre
Cris Ludwig
Jeffrey Allan
Jenn Munson
Jill Wilcock
Joshua Harris
Kami Ishikawa
Kathryn Durrant
Landon Tolman
Leola Broussard
Logan Nelson
Mary Brown
Samantha Kemp
Traci Hartman
Zen Kennedy

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