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Ever feel like you could solve the world’s problems if you could only get the right people in the same room at the same time? So do we. By bringing the best and brightest in healthcare together under the same roof, KLAS hopes to facilitate conversation that will create clarity out of complexity and ultimately improve the world’s healthcare.

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Keystone Summit 2016

Population Health

Place: Snowbird

When: September 27-28

Attendees: 80 total including KLAS – 34 providers, 19 vendor orgs (37 reps total)

Purpose: Brought together providers and vendors to create a population health framework that would define core competencies of a population health IT solution and recognize the vendors which have developed and widely implemented these solutions.

Cornerstone Workshop 2016


Place: Snowbird

When: August 24-25

Attendees: 60 total including KLAS – 18 providers, 15 organization reps (ONC, CHIME, CommonWell, etc.), 15 vendor orgs (30 reps total)

Purpose: Follow-up from 2015 Keystone, a continuation of an effort started last year at the KLAS Keystone Summit where KLAS, with input from IMAT, was charged with measuring clinical end-users’ experience with clinical data received from outside their organization. During the 2016 Cornerstone Summit, results of that study will be presented and additional conversations will be held as to how to improve and, where beneficial, expand interoperability measurement and reporting efforts.

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Keystone Summit 2015


Place: Zermatt Resort in Midway

When: October 1-2

Attendees: 60 total including KLAS – 36 providers, 12 vendor orgs (36 reps total)

Purpose: Bringing together providers and vendors to help define Interoperability in HIT market and how KLAS should measure successful interoperability. Created Roadmap and Interoperability Measurement Advisory Group, consisting of both providers and vendors, who continue to work with us today.

Cornerstone Workshop 2015

Vendor Excellence

Place: Sundance

When: May 7-8

Attendees: 50 total including KLAS – 8 providers, 5 vendor orgs (26 reps total)

Purpose: A unique blend of the most passionate and hungry healthcare IT vendors and provider leaders and the KLAS team. The goal of this day together is simple: to raise the bar on vendor performance in the industry.

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Keystone Summit 2014

Magical Thinking

Place: Deer Valley

When: September 24

Attendees: 70 total including KLAS – 21 providers, 12 vendor orgs (31 reps total)

Purpose: Bring together providers and vendors and discuss issue of “magical thinking” by vendors (making wild goals/promises without a plan of how to get there), had vendor KPI-like one-on-one sessions.

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