Provider-Driven, Provider-Centric Research

Each year, thousands of healthcare professionals engage with KLAS looking for perspectives on software, medical devices, services, and imaging modalities. The research KLAS conducts comes from providers and is for providers. KLAS doesn’t make recommendations; we share the data and let the research speak for itself.

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Healthcare IT Software

At the core of modern healthcare sits the software bringing providers into the digital age. For over 20 years, KLAS has sought out the hard-to-get data on HIT software, tracking everything from EMRs to ERPs and every acronym in between. We speak with decision makers, managers, and end users of the products you care about to provide insight on which vendors are true partners and which are only building tools to be sold, not used.

Medical Devices

As many industries have, healthcare has become more dependent than ever on new and more intelligent devices. Whether you’re looking at smart pumps that integrate with your EMR, or pharmacy automation tools, these devices are supposed to enhance the quality and delivery of care. But is that always the case? KLAS tracks the medical device market to help you know which options will best suit your needs.

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As the healthcare-delivery model shifts from a fee-for-service to a fee-for-value environment, transformation of an organization’s workflows and processes matters as much as the new software itself. There is a huge need for service and advisory firms to partner with providers. KLAS regularly gathers insights from those who have used service firms for a variety of reasons. From go-live support to value-based care managed services, we want to help you learn which advisors are best suited to help reach your specific goals.

The Arch Collaborative

As regulatory pressure worldwide has put the spotlight on EMR installations, many providers are now feeling the pain of the productivity paradox—when a new technology that is supposed to enhance productivity actually hinders it. KLAS works with healthcare organizations to benchmark EMR user satisfaction and identify both general and vendor-specific best practices to help providers.

Started in 2017, the collaborative has brought together many of the largest/most influential health systems in the country to learn from each other about EMR optimization and improvement for end users in an effort to improve care, decrease physician burnout, and improve clinician efficiencies. How are they doing this? Participating organizations are using a joint end-user efficiency and satisfaction survey (hosted centrally by KLAS) to research trends and drivers of clinician/physician satisfaction. If you’d like to learn more, click here.

Decision Insights™

KLAS wants to help providers make sense of every aspect of healthcare IT. The intricate landscape of buying and replacing technology continues to be a pain point for providers. KLAS now gathers data on who is winning and losing decisions across multiple market segments to help you know where the energy is in the marketplace.

Custom Research

Sometimes, even with all the data KLAS shares, from performance scores online to the reports we publish, you may still have questions unique to your organization. In those cases, the KLAS team of analysts can partner with you to dive deep with custom research to answer questions on specific product functionality, organizational alignment between you and the vendors you’re interested in, or trends in the industry that matter especially to organizations similar to yours in terms of size, location and business model.

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The insights of KLAS data come from providers just like you

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