Investor Services

Are customers planning to stay or go? Who has the most mindshare? Which emerging vendors are generating the most interest? Are customers confident in their vendor’s current and future innovations? Whether you’re an institutional investor, a financial sponsor, or leading corporate strategic efforts, KLAS insights can answer the tough questions that produce wise investments.

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KLAS Investment Team

Experienced and data driven

In the more than 20 years that KLAS has been helping improve the world’s healthcare, we’ve seen more than our fair share of healthcare-related investments, mergers, and acquisitions that underwhelmed customers, industry analysts, and investors. As part of KLAS’ mission, we see a need to help investors put fuel behind products and services that help customers improve the delivery of healthcare.

By listening to the voices of over 30,000 providers and payers, the KLAS Investment Services Team identifies the current strength of companies and gives clarity to potential investment opportunities.

M&A Advisory Services

Tracking market trends

Market Analysis & Insights

  • Senior analysts who specialize in healthcare market research, drawing on over 20 years of trends
  • Market analysis on hundreds of healthcare technology companies, products, and services

Opportunity Identification Tools

  • Target Prospectus
  • Market Audit
  • Product Summary
  • Performance Leadership Report
  • Net Promoter Score

Due Diligence

  • In-Depth Company, Competitor, and Market Analysis
  • KLAS Technical Analysis
  • Revenue Attrition Modeling
  • Win/Loss Analysis
  • Deep Consumer Insight
  • Additional/Specialized Customer Survey

Post-Acquisition Support

  • Continued KLAS consulting and research services designed to help healthcare technology vendors deliver at the highest level after acquisition
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Institutional Investor Services

Expert insights

Market Analysis & Insights on MDRX, QSII, CERN, ATHN, NUAN, MDAS, PINC, EVH, CPSI & Others

  • Senior analysts with thousands of hours of healthcare-specific market research
  • Market analysis on hundreds of healthcare technology companies, products, and services. Includes both vendor performance and market perception.

Access to KLAS Online Analysis

  • KLAS quarterly investor HCIT update calls
  • Annual Best in KLAS reports
  • 50+ market drill-down reports annually

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