Healthcare Vendors

When vendors perform well, healthcare and payer organizations win. Every week, KLAS meets with multiple vendor leadership teams in an effort to amplify the provider voice—ultimately helping vendors improve. KLAS is passionate about helping vendor organizations improve their delivery for their customers. Each year, the top-performing vendors in each segment are recognized in the Best In KLAS reports.

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KLAS Performance Data

Listening to your clients

KLAS performance data provides you with your performance scores as well as your users’ commentary. By leveraging the voices of actual customers across the industry, you can drive customer success by identifying the shortfalls and victories within your customer base. You can also track emerging market segments and trends while monitoring competing products.

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Review the results

KLAS drills down into over 50 market categories each year to answer the most pressing questions using input that comes directly from providers and payers. These reports give you and your executive team insight into real customer experiences. Use these candid customer insights to focus your team on the most critical factors driving customer success.

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Insight & Analysis Services

Measure and improve

Are your largest customers the most successful, or are they in the most pain? Are your current innovations having an impact on customer success, or have they missed the mark? Is your account management program strong or, in the eyes of your customers, nonexistent? Bring your executive team together for a day of collaboration as KLAS analysts highlight how your customers perceive your greatest strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. With the customer’s voice at the helm, work with KLAS to see your baseline performance, set targets for progress, learn success principles, and create a plan to measure improvement.

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Custom Research

Need something specific?

If your focus is real improvement, KLAS’ experienced research team can help determine the right questions you need to be asking to get to the truth. KLAS will undertake vendor-requested research projects on a case-by-case basis if we determine the research will ultimately benefit providers or payers.

Take the mystery out of improving the EHR experience

Stop guessing about what your customers need. Let them tell you.

Through the feedback of over 190,000 clinicians in the Arch Collaborative, you can proactively optimize your offerings and help your customers deliver better healthcare.

Learn more about end users’ experiences, including:

  • Key pain points in using the EHR
  • Best practices that drive high user satisfaction

Gain access to Arch Collaborative data for this and more crucial information on optimizing solutions, decreasing physician burnout, and improving clinician efficiencies.

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