Data Use Policy


1. Why does KLAS have a data use policy?

  • The research KLAS conducts comes directly from providers. We monitor materials that use this research because we want to ensure it is shared accurately and that the original meaning and intent of the provider remain intact.

2. What information can I use from KLAS?

  • Provider comments from the website
  • Graphs, commentary, and scores from published reports
  • KLAS logo, Best in KLAS/Category Leader logos, and KLAS Customer Rated logo

3. Where can I use KLAS content?

  1. You are welcome to include KLAS-approved content in your marketing efforts, i.e. press releases, booth banners, social media, email signatures, website, etc.

4. What must be approved?

  1. Any printed or digital collateral piece that uses KLAS data, logos, quotes, commentary, etc. that will be distributed externally from your company must be approved by KLAS.
  2. You can submit materials for KLAS approval to
  3. Our review days are typically Monday and Thursday. If you have an urgent request, we will try to work with you, but please be thoughtful of the scheduled/preferred times. Please note: The team members will do their best to accommodate urgent requests; however, due to the large volume and complex nature of submissions, we may not be able to expedite all requests.

5. What should I include in my submission?

  1. Wherever KLAS content is used, the report name, page, and paragraph number MUST be provided (in the comments section of a Word document). We ask that you include these citations so we can verify that the information you are using is correct. If a request is submitted with no citations, we will send the request back and wait to process it until the required information is provided.

6. What can I use from a purchased KLAS report?

  1. You may share your KLAS score or rating. (If there is any segmentation, i.e. preliminary data or limited data, you need to include it with your rating.)
  2. You can indicate that you are “rated” or “reviewed” in the KLAS report. (The term “rank” is only used when referencing a Best in KLAS/Category Leader award.)
  3. You can share up to 2 images from a report (must include the full image).
  4. Top performer or high scorer = top 3 vendors in overall-performance segment.
  5. You can share full customer quotes/commentary specifically about your product.
  6. Vendors can’t segment the report to benefit them. If the report doesn’t say it, you can’t use it.

7. What can I share from the KLAS website?

  1. Vendor members may share provider commentary about their products. The commentary needs to include the full quote, job title, and date. (Example: “[Full quote].” Manager, March 2017.)
  2. All other scores and information from the website are not shareable.

8. Who can I share the report with?

  1. If you have purchased a report, you may share that report internally without limitations. You may only share the report externally with clients if you purchase KLAS distribution rights to share externally.
  2. We allow vendors to provide the link to a report so that current and prospective healthcare clients (i.e. healthcare providers and healthcare payers) can download the report for themselves. This link can be included in your approved marketing materials. You can direct clients to our reports page ( or email to get the specific report link.

9. How long can we use KLAS content?

  • Best in KLAS or Category Leader designation: Can be used indefinitely, but the year and market segment must always be included.
  • Content from a published report: The most recent report must be referenced, and the referenced information cannot extend beyond two calendar years old.
  • Website commentary cannot be used after it is more than 12 months old.

If you have any additional questions or would like to set up a call to review the data use policy, please contact Sierra Butterfield at

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