Data Use Policy

The following policy has been created to help healthcare vendors, provider organizations, payers, investors, and the media share pertinent KLAS insights. This policy is subject to change without notice.

Data Use by Vendors

("Vendors" includes any organization that sells software, services, or hardware.)

If you have paid for access to KLAS data, you may share KLAS Materials within your own organization; however, please read this Data Use Policy in its entirety before sharing KLAS Materials outside of your organization.

KLAS logos are protected trademarks. All KLAS reports, articles, white papers, images, and other works of authorship are copyrighted, and the copying or distribution of these materials MUST receive prior approval.

*Important note: As a general rule, KLAS data that is shared outside your organization must be independently verifiable by provider and payer customers (i.e., they can come to the KLAS website and verify your statements).

1. Why does KLAS monitor the use of our data?

The intent of this policy is to ensure that KLAS Materials used by external firms retain the accurate, honest, impartial intent of KLAS data as originally published.

2. I want to share KLAS data. How do I get started?

All uses of KLAS data outside your own organization should be submitted to for approval. The rest of this document includes the policy KLAS uses to evaluate your submissions.

Any printed or digital collateral piece that uses KLAS Material that will be distributed externally from your company must be approved by KLAS before distribution. Such pieces may include the following:

When sending a submission citing KLAS data, please include the report name, page, and paragraph number. If a request is submitted without citations, the request will be sent back so the required citations can be included.

We review data use requests on Monday and Thursday each week (barring major holidays). If you have an urgent request, please mark the email as urgent, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Please note: The Data Use team does its best to respond quickly to urgent requests; however, due to the large volume and complex nature of submissions, we may not be able to expedite all requests.

3. What must be submitted to KLAS for approval?

4. If we purchased access to a report in which our company was rated, what can we share externally?

Note: With the exception of the Best in KLAS awards or a direct quote from a KLAS report, vendors cannot make definitive statements based on a KLAS report (i.e., “The top performer” is not allowed, but “a top performer” is acceptable).

5. What can my company share from the KLAS website?

6. Who can we share reports with?

Contact your KLAS representative for more information about distribution rights.

7. Can I share data from our executive session with KLAS?

8. Can I share the comparison summaries I’ve generated on the KLAS website?

9. How long can we use KLAS data?

10. We won a Best in KLAS/Category Leader award! What can we share?

11. What about using data from the Arch Collaborative?

Impact Report summaries can be found at

12. What if my organization’s desire to share KLAS Materials isn't covered or described in the terms and conditions above?

13. How do we engage with KLAS on social media?

Data Use by Provider and Payer Organizations

KLAS encourages provider and payer organizations to use and share our insights inside their organization and externally with their provider and payer peers freely. There are a few notable exceptions discussed below.

1. Provider Organizations Using Data from the Arch Collaborative

The Arch Collaborative is an international effort to benchmark clinician satisfaction with IT tools across all provider organizations. To date, the Arch Collaborative has had more than 200 participating organizations globally with over 200,000 clinician responses. As such, there is a wealth of data for provider organizations to use in optimizing their core technologies.

2. Sharing Access to KLAS Data with Vendors and Service Firms

KLAS does not allow any provider organization to share their KLAS account or login with vendors or service firms. KLAS provides much data to provider and payer organizations at no charge in exchange for their honest feedback on the tools and services they use. Individual providers or organizations found to be granting vendors access to their KLAS account will have their account access restricted.

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