A Preview of the 2022 International Summit - Cover

A Preview of the 2022 International Summit

This June, we’re pleased to be going back to Europe—this time to Portugal—to host the International Summit with our sponsor Harris Williams. This exclusive event will comprise about 120 notable healthcare IT leaders from 15 or more countries in Europe, the Middle East, North America, and even as far as Australia.

We hope that this event will provide the networking and collaboration opportunity that these leaders need to share healthcare IT best practices with each other and continue to drive quality care in their individual corners of the world.

The Purpose of the Summit

KLAS events have a very clear purpose, which is to get the right voices in the room to facilitate meaningful discussion. That purpose is no different for this summit. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the attendees are thought leaders in their fields. Our purpose is almost never about how many people we can get to attend our summits.

This is an executive-level summit with representatives from larger health systems and governments. Overall, the International Summit aims to bring together these minds with their different perspectives to share their thoughts on health IT—both what's happening now and what will happen in the future.

These representatives are busy people who don't often have the time to poke their heads outside of their bubbles to see what other people are doing. But that is precisely why they come. Where else can smart people network with each other about what they're doing to address their healthcare IT challenges? Attendees come ready to share their views, but they also come open to learning from their peers and hearing new perspectives.

A Taste of the Event Content

The first day of the International Summit focuses on increasing clinician usability, efficiency, and satisfaction with EPRs and other digital tools. Given the topic of the summit, some of the content will incorporate themes from the Arch Collaborative. But the discussion will also go beyond that data. For example, we want to ask about best practices that drive clinician efficiency and usability with digital tools.

The topics on the second day branch out into general trends within healthcare IT and investment. One of the discussions will be an investment discussion around how to ensure that companies or start-ups, especially smaller ones, can be successful.

This event will follow the format of past KLAS events. There will be a combination of broader discussions with all attendees and tabletop breakouts on four topics: patient engagement, imaging, security, and telehealth. We will also have four panels happening two at a time on those same topics.

The Result

Aside from the connections we hope attendees will make, we want other healthcare leaders like you to see some of the learnings gathered at this event. We anticipate publishing a white paper that focuses on what comes out of these discussions. In that report, we’ll address some of the themes and trends that we learn from the International Summit. Keep an eye out for the report on the KLAS report page on our website.

If the idea of this event intrigues you and you’d like to contribute, take a look at our other upcoming events, and please reach out to KLAS to learn more.

Photo Credit: niyazz, Adobe Stock