Ambulatory Surgical Centers: Insights Coming Soon - Cover

Ambulatory Surgical Centers: Insights Coming Soon

As the demand for healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency in physician practices, and achieve higher levels of quality grows, so too does the demand for ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs). An ASC is a stand-alone site for outpatient surgical procedures and has become a cost-effective way to pursue surgical treatments. Because ASCs have autonomy from a hospital, they can adapt their workflows to improve patient outcomes while decreasing costs.

For the first time, KLAS will undertake a study that will focus on vendor performance specific to the ASC space. KLAS will work to help providers identify key vendors in the space and discover which vendors are ready to partner and help ASCs improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

In 2017, KLAS will be publishing an ASC-specific performance report that will address the aforementioned topics. It will also provide insight by differentiating between vendors that are ready to partner with their customers and those that struggle to help providers with success initiatives. Our goal is to help healthcare providers choose the best tools to improve workflow and patient outcomes.