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Be Heard; Be Counted—Your Vendor Is Listening

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died before I was born.  Similarly, my children will never get to meet him in person, but I can tell when my kids are studying him in school because they walk around proclaiming, “I have a dream!” Next month, we mark the forty-eighth anniversary of when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He cried for equality. And to this day, his voice still echoes in the halls of my home, sometimes more loudly than I would like from a certain six-year-old.

Can one person, one voice, truly make a difference? Dr. King demanded to be heard. Alone, he was a drop in the pond. What followed was the rippling effect that could be felt around the world.

Such is the path of any lasting movement. It starts with one. Then, a second person follows. Soon after, others align and a mobilization begins.

In healthcare, change comes with great care and caution. Yet the cause is even greater—saving and improving patient lives. How does that change occur? Who initiates that voice for change?

There is a life-size picture of Bob Blades on KLAS’ wall. For those of you that don’t know Bob, he was the CIO at Loma Linda University Medical Center for many years. In fact, his survey is on the wall as well; survey #1 in KLAS’ history. His voice was the first drop in the pond. Thousands of voices now blend to create the KLAS ratings with more than 200 vendors listening closely to what their healthcare providers have to say.

One dilemma for the thousands of healthcare professionals like you is having actionable data to support technology decisions. That is why KLAS does what it does—provides a channel for the individual voice, coupled with the collective opinions of others. Sharing your healthcare technology experience can benefit others within the provider community and drive lasting and meaningful change as technology vendors listen and act (more than 200 of them do).

Will you be heard? Will you be counted?

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