CHUG/KLAS Alliance to Improve Healthcare - Cover

CHUG/KLAS Alliance to Improve Healthcare

My wife loves the book series The Hunger Games. She has dragged me to the theatre to watch as each movie has been released, usually the day before Thanksgiving. In return, I’m rewarded by not having to peel so many potatoes for Thanksgiving.

One central theme in the series that I can relate to is the importance of alliances. In The Hunger Games alliances are formed as the tributes are battling within the arena with each other. Alliances are formed by tributes with similar objectives who can both benefit in the relationship. In the real world we also see the critical role alliances play in world governments, politics, and business.

KLAS has just announced an alliance with CHUG (Centricity Healthcare User Group). This relationship is based on our common goal to improve healthcare by making sure that the collective voice of Centricity Users be heard and be counted by GE. The possibilities from this new partnership are very exciting.

We envision a very active alignment where KLAS does things like present data at their user conference (we’ve already done this very successfully), provide CHUG members easy access to KLAS data and reports relevant to them, joint research projects, and custom webinars. Ultimately, we both hope the effort will help provide clarity around where GE is excelling, as well as where they can improve.

KLAS is actively in the process of solidifying other similar alliances across other user groups and associations. We believe these alliances will help improve healthcare. If you are a part of an association and/or user group that you feel would also benefit from a closer KLAS relationship, please reach out to us. We’d love to explore the possibilities.

And, for the record…..I MAY or may not actually be a closet Hunger Games fan. Don’t tell my wife though because I don’t want to peel more potatoes next Thanksgiving.