Culture - Cover


We have all had those months – the ones where it seems we could have left the “Automatic Reply” feature on our email set for the entire month, where we spend more days traveling than in our own offices.

For me, August was one of those months and it was among the most exciting months in all my time here at KLAS. I feel fortunate that I was able to personally meet with executive teams from six vendors I work with closely.

I especially loved the opportunity to obtain in-depth views into how vendors operate, how they perceive the market, how they talk about their customers, and how they react to customer feedback. My key take-away after August is that culture is obvious and cannot be hidden.

Culture is everywhere. It’s in how we listen, react, communicate, execute and in how we treat others. And, for me, the month of August was an extremely interesting opportunity to experience the cultures of several different companies firsthand.

Even though it may be hard for us to define culture, it’s easy to recognize which companies have great cultures and which aren’t so great.

So, what’s your culture? What’s your company’s culture? And how important is culture to you? How to you show the world what’s important to you?