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Digital Health Investment Symposium: International

Two years ago, KLAS and partners hosted the first Digital Health Investment Symposium (DHIS) in the US. Our goal was to address the need for a more highly-curated, intimate and exclusive event that would attract health system senior executives, company CEOs, and investors. We knew they would be able to address some of the industry’s biggest pain points and digital health care solutions.

After last year’s DHIS in the US, we were approached by from executives from Europe. They said, “We don’t have anything like this in our region. Would you consider putting together a similar event in Europe?”

That was the genesis of a new and exciting event. On June 3–4, KLAS and Harris Williams will host DHIS International, which will be hosted in Barcelona (Sitges), Spain and geared specifically toward healthcare providers, vendors, and investors from outside the US. International attendees from 17 countries will gather to brainstorm, network, and solve healthcare IT problems unique to their specific regions.

A Unique Event

This is not your typical conference. In fact, we’ve gotten into the habit of calling it an “anti-conference.” For instance, there will not be hundreds of passively participating attendees packed into a room and listening to presentations all day. No vendors will be setting up booths in an effort to sell their wares. Quite frankly, we tell all attendees that they will need to take off their “sales and marketing hats” and get ready to roll up their sleeves and work on big problems with concepts and principles.

DHIS International is an “invitation-only” event, and all who attend will be engaged. Only executives (mostly C-levels) who are passionate about solving some of healthcare’s biggest problems will be there. Why the exclusivity? Because KLAS and Harris Williams are concerned not about the number of attendees but about the quality of conversation.

In addition to keynote addresses and time for networking, DHIS International will include breakout panels based on subjects of interest. These sessions will be small enough that we’ll expect every attendee to be an active participant, not a silent bystander. This will help generate the highest quality of feedback, which will then be shared with the whole group.

Topics of Discussion

Some time ago, KLAS sent out a survey asking potential attendees what they would like to discuss at DHIS International. Based on the top responses, here are three of the main topics that will be covered at the summit:

  • EMR Adoption. Stakeholders will put their heads together about how to best leverage, maximize, and implement investments in EMR technology.
  • Patient Engagement. Providers will learn about helping patients get involved in helpful technology and their own healthcare journeys. Investors will get a better idea of which technology to support.
  • Data & Analytics. The whole industry is wondering what the future of analytics looks like and where AI will play in. Summit attendees will share their thoughts on these and other issues to get a more accurate picture.

We also expect the attendees to find answers to questions like the following:

  • Where are providers investing?
  • What obstacles and barriers come up for providers implementing certain technologies?
  • Where are vendors investing?
  • Where do vendors see growth?
  • What barriers keep vendors form providing better offerings to the market?
  • How can providers, vendors, and investors meet each other’s needs and build better partnerships?

Aligning Financial Investors with Healthcare Provider Needs and Spending

Every stakeholder has something to gain from attending DHIS International. Healthcare providers and digital health companies need capital to make their worlds go ‘round, international investors want to feel closer to their investments, and KLAS is passionate about helping investors avoid the train wrecks and buyer’s remorse we have seen happen in the past.

KLAS is mission-driven about helping investors make sure their investments are strategically aligned with providers’ needs. As providers, vendors, and investors collaborate in Spain, improved healthcare IT solutions will be spread throughout the world. Stay tuned for future posts about DHIS International from our partners at Harris Williams!


Photo Cred: Shutterstock, metamorworks