Do It. Be It. - Cover

Do It. Be It.

Do you do what you say? I review claims by healthcare technology vendors regularly. I’ve seen statements that are spot on and deserving of positive attention. I’ve also seen minor misinterpretations of KLAS data and outright false claims. Furthermore, we at KLAS sometimes see embellishments regarding product functionality and unrealistic promises of when products will go live.

In the end, who loses out when an assertion is less than accurate? The vendor that makes the claim eventually loses client trust because it simply cannot deliver on its promise. The provider loses millions of dollars and thousands of hours he/she invested to make the technology work for them. As for the patient, all this potentially translates to a lower quality of care. 

Vendors, if you say it, do it. If you claim it, be it.

Who keeps promises these days? KLAS keeps tab on the Report Card section of each product page of Check it out.