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eTech Spotlight: A Look at Radix Health

More and more providers are adopting a value-based-care approach to ensure their patients receive more holistic care. But holistic care for patients isn’t achievable unless patients are invested in taking responsibility for their own health.

This is where patient engagement comes into play. There’s a lot of energy around patient engagement because value-based care encourages everyone to improve their patients’ experience. Some patients put their health on the backburner, or they were turned off by previous healthcare experiences that didn’t go well. But when providers can use patient engagement solutions to make the healthcare experience as seamless as possible, patients have an easier time engaging, and providers are more likely to retain those patients.

Many vendors are emerging in the patient engagement space, and one of them is Radix Health, whose DASH solution is intended to enhance the way patients interact with providers online. Radix Health claims to help organizations acquire and retain patients, reduce delays in care, lower costs, and delight customers through their digital front door solutions. Our recent Emerging Technology Spotlight report featuring Radix Health examines adopters’ experiences to see how well the vendor fulfills their claims.

Radix Health’s Focus in the Patient Engagement Ecosystem

It’s important to note that patient engagement isn’t restricted to just one area or one phase of the healthcare experience—it encompasses a patient’s entire experience, from beginning to end.

In 2018, KLAS got together with some vendors and providers to discuss patient engagement and to define its key pillars. The patient engagement space includes engagement before a visit, during a visit, and after a visit. If you want a better idea of what solutions are included in each stage, the Patient Engagement Keystone Summit White Paper is a great resource to check out.

Radix Health’s focus is specifically on pre-visit engagement. They offer a self-scheduling solution, and when clients initially purchased the product, they expected outcomes like easy scheduling, fewer cancellations, and fewer complaints from users. Our interviews with Radix Health customers indicated that the clients are extremely satisfied with the Radix Health product, and many of their expected outcomes were indeed fulfilled. To see more details about the vendor’s performance and customers’ experiences, be sure to check out the report.

Rave Reviews for Radix Health

Of the organizations we spoke with, 82% were highly satisfied with Radix Health, not just satisfied. A big portion of that is because of executive involvement. According to customers, a strength of Radix Health is that they make customers feel like a partner, not just a customer. With the executive involvement, customers are building a relationship with actual people, and they are able to drive outcomes.

One COO summed up their experience by saying, “I recommend DASH almost every day. The number one thing is Radix Health’s engagement and involvement with us as the customer. Unlike a lot of our vendors, Radix Health willingly meets with us on a regular basis, discusses our needs, and responds quickly to those needs.” This client’s comment makes it apparent that Radix Health pays attention to their customers and is attentive to their needs.

However, with the good comes the bad. Some customers said it took six months to implement the system and see outcomes. The initial implementation can be labor intensive for customers, so if Radix Health can figure out how to streamline that process and consolidate the timeline, that would likely help.

Next Steps for Patient Engagement Vendors

Radix Health’s solution doesn’t seem like a bad option to pursue, especially because COVID-19 and the expansion of telehealth have only brought more attention to patient engagement solutions. But as patient engagement becomes more and more standard and widespread, we will see what happens with vendors that are only focused on a small segment of patient engagement.

At some point, vendors who are focused on one small piece may have to expand to do everything related to patient engagement. Otherwise, they may end up getting acquired or pushed aside in favor of bigger patient engagement platforms that take up market share. In an industry that is all about consolidating systems and using one integrated platform, vendors should be thinking about how to grow and expand to stay relevant.

A Positive Outlook

In the next few years, we will see how niche patient engagement vendors like Radix Health evolve. But in the meantime, Radix Health seems to have built a solid foundation of customers who appreciate their product. The product is helping providers get patients scheduled for appointments more quickly, and Radix Health is engaged and involved in helping providers drive outcomes.

To see specific data points and customer reviews, dive into our Emerging Technology Spotlight report.

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