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Finding the Right Solution

It is wonderful to be back amidst so many friends and associates in this world of healthcare, having just returned from a year in Portugal. My sweetheart and I had an amazing opportunity to work with and help the unemployed. While there, we discovered amazing recipes for salted codfish, a true Portuguese delicacy. The variety of Bacalhau recipes reminds me of the appetite I have encountered in U.S. healthcare for getting just the right solution to match provider organizations’ needs and desires. It didn’t take long in my recent conversations to see that much has changed relative to medical imaging and getting the most out of a PACS. It can be best described by a provider executive that has an appetite for a more progressive solution for PACS.

“We want a decoupling of the back-end database technologies and the front-end image technologies. With the evolution of DICOM standards and with the establishment and development of cloud storage providers, we see new options opening up. The stress that images are putting on storage in our systems means I have to find alternatives to the heavily integrated database and applications architecture that we originally purchased. I cannot tie my investment and my healthcare providers to a less than effective storage or image management solution. I have to be able to store images in the cloud and utilize the best front-end image management software to satisfy my clinicians.”

With RSNA attracting the best worldwide minds, it is likely we will be seeing vendors that can decouple their solutions and offer 365 ways to connect their image management solution to virtually any cloud storage with no likelihood of having rain on their parade. We can then celebrate and enjoy some of the world’s tastiest Bacalhau recipes straight from Lisbon, Portugal.