Free CPOE Download – Getting Answers - Cover

Free CPOE Download – Getting Answers

Is truth stranger than fiction? That depends on how you would answer the following questions…

1. What is the fastest hospital CPOE implementation KLAS has discovered?

2. How many vendors responded to a recent RFP for a state Health Information Exchange (HIE)?

3. Is it possible for vendors to go from worst to first in a market segment that KLAS monitors?

4. Is vendor growth always synonymous with declining client satisfaction?

Want the answers? See below…

1. 8 months. KLAS interviewed a hospital system that went from project start to live with deep CPOE usage (100% of orders) in 8 months time utilizing Epic software.
2. Over 150 vendors responded. Who knew there are that many HIE vendors?
3. Absolutely, but it’s tough. McKesson took Paragon from worst to first in KLAS rankings for community hospital information systems over a four year span. Major kudos.
4. No. While many organizations run into challenges with growth, KLAS scoring reveals that some vendors are able to maintain a consistently high level of client satisfaction over the long haul despite significant growth.

How many answers did you get right? Healthcare executives face tremendous pressures today, and making software decisions that impact the organization’s overall health is one of them.