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Get Answers to Tough Questions with Empower Insights at KLAS

Many of you likely already know that KLAS’ mission statement is to improve the world’s healthcare through insights, collaboration, and transparency. That mission statement is the driving force behind everything KLAS does. And while we may be best known for our vendor ratings and our Best in KLAS report, we offer so much more through Empower Insights, our custom services that both healthcare and vendor leaders can use to drive success and make effective decisions.

Our Empower Insights teams support healthcare provider organizations and vendors through four paths, each tailored to their needs. These four paths are strategic engagements, peer guidance in performance improvement efforts, mergers and acquisitions or due-diligence work, and market insights. The last path is what people traditionally recognize and use KLAS for.

Problem Solving through Strategy

Our goal for strategic engagements is to help healthcare organizations or vendors solve their toughest problems or break through internal log jams. When your organization knows that there is a problem, but is struggling to move forward, KLAS can facilitate effective working sessions to help you gain alignment and focus, and to figure out your next steps.

KLAS brings data and insights to guide the conversation and ensure that the solution is the right one for your specific organization. In this way, organization leaders can effectively move forward on issues that have been holding them back from success. Once answers to your problems are found, KLAS serves as an effective accountability partner that will continue to follow up as you execute your next steps.

Guidance in Performance Improvement

When healthcare organizations encounter barriers and require outside help, KLAS is able to leverage our own expertise and data, as well as peer advisors (CMIOs, informaticists, nurses, and other healthcare thought leaders) to solve these obstacles. Peers are chosen for their industry leadership and are people specifically selected for the extraordinary things they accomplished during their career. 

This engagement is aptly named Peer Guidance as it is a partnership between KLAS and external peers. Obstacles this engagement specifically focuses on are EHR reliability, system response time, governance, and training. We have found that these peer experts and KLAS expertise and data are key to helping organizations enhance their clinician satisfaction.

Confidence in Mergers and Acquisitions

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, we want every vendor or investor that makes an investment or a purchase decision to feel confident that they are making the right decision.

KLAS provides the insights they need to decide and helps them answer questions like: Is this a company that is going to merge well with them culturally? Is it a company that is reputable and has an opportunity to really impact the market? Or is this a company with waning market energy that doesn’t fit in well with their strategic vision? KLAS leverages data on customer experiences, loyalty, industry trends, and purchasing to make investments as safe as possible.

Get Market Expertise

We provide market landscapes for providers, vendors, investors, and service firms. If an organization is making an IT purchase or trying to decide how to develop their system to better meet provider's needs, we can answer their questions through customized surveys and by leveraging our vast database of existing quantitative and qualitative research. If you have a question, we can probably find the answer.

Reach Out to KLAS

KLAS is here to help, whatever your question or need. Whether you have come across internal log jams that you're struggling to overcome, you are making mission critical decisions about what to buy or invest in, or you want to know how to approach the market, KLAS has the expert insights you need.

Our goal is to give you the confidence to take action. For more information about how Empower Insights can help you, please reach out to

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