Global EMR Domination: A Risky Venture? - Cover

Global EMR Domination: A Risky Venture?

Remember the board game Risk: The Game of Global Domination? During my teenage years I probably spent too many late nights rolling the dice to control the board in my quest for “world domination.” The basic strategies of attacking and fortifying made for some fun times and, of course, some heated arguments among friends.

In the recent global EMR market share report from KLAS, we looked at which vendors have the most momentum and which ones seem to be stagnant. InterSystems’ TrakCare product was the clear leader with the most new wins, Cerner and Siemens have customers in every region of the world, and Epic is making noise by growing their smaller non-U.S. customer base by nearly 400%.

We are also currently researching which vendors are getting the greatest mindshare with global healthcare organizations that are looking for an EMR solution. It’s interesting to see how providers are figuratively rolling the dice as they make multimillion-dollar decisions. Maybe the vendors aren’t seeking global domination, but I’m surprised that we’re not hearing the names of certain large vendors very often.

I’d love your input on the vendors you think are making big moves and what they need to figure out if they want to win the game.