Going from Worst to First as a Healthcare IT Vendor - Cover

Going from Worst to First as a Healthcare IT Vendor

I occasionally see vendors throw their hands up in exasperation, thinking it is impossible to actually improve their client satisfaction. The question then comes, "has any vendor actually ever been able to show significant sustained improvement?"

I suppose it is just like the people that we know. Many of them are pretty much the same year after year, with some highs and lows. A few, however, have something click. For example, a neighbor of mine who recently went from "dark and sullen" to leaving his home to go change the world as a religious missionary. Sometimes, we get to see something click for healthcare IT vendors when it comes to their customers.

Change for McKesson

I think the best example in the healthcare IT world we live in is McKesson's Paragon solution. Rated in 2001 as the unofficial "Worst in KLAS", they shut down sales for over a year. Meanwhile, they really started to develop the product, and focused on making things right for customers. 

Sound too good to be true? Well, they still had angry customers, and some even left. Those that stuck it out eventually ended up with a good solution. And, in 2006, Paragon actually scored as "Best in KLAS". Who knew they could go from "dark and sullen" to world killers?

Are there any other vendors out there that you have seen make a similar change? I would love to hear about it.