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Hiring Character First

KLAS is a company committed to bringing out the best in the companies and healthcare organizations we serve. Our hiring process aims to do the same. We seek out leaders with character to help us improve healthcare through collaboration, insights, and transparency. As a values-based organization, we are looking to bring on team members that exemplify integrity, passion, accountability, trust, and humility.

We are in business to serve our customers and thereby improve the world’s healthcare. Our goal is to find team members who are driven by that cause to help us make impactful change.

As a commitment to our team members’ success, our hiring process is crafted as a blend of two approaches. First, we assess skills, abilities, and experiences that translate well into our needed roles. We then evaluate the character of potential hires to ensure that talented individuals can add to our culture and strengthen KLAS’ mission by exemplifying our values.

Our Values

KLAS’ values drive our daily interactions. These values are defined as:

  • Integrity: Be honest, accurate, and impartial.
  • Passion: Be fearless in finding and sharing the truth.
  • Accountability: Do what you say. Be disciplined in following processes. Work hard. Use resources as if they were your own.
  • Trust: Build great relationships and seek to earn trust by being an exceptional teammate.
  • Humility: Listen first, crave feedback, and show gratitude. Seek to understand.

We employ a structured hiring methodology that includes the use of scorecards to objectively rate each candidate on the identified metrics. This data-driven approach ensures that we maintain consistency and fairness throughout the recruitment process. By quantifying aspects of a candidate's experience and skills aligned with our core values, we can make informed decisions that contribute to the strength and cohesion of our team.

Our Target Mindsets

KLASmates also use four target mindsets to evaluate our daily work. They are:

  • Impact Matters Most: I define my success through measurable and aligned outcomes. 
  • Cultivate Trust: I value and treat you as a trusted partner.
  • Disciplined Scalability: I drive sustainable improvement and innovation.
  • Own It: I own and collaboratively solve problems.

These mindsets are foundational to how we solve problems for our clients and improve the world’s healthcare.

Our Team 

KLAS continues to make measurable impact in healthcare IT. The work we do is challenging, but the outcomes are rewarding. We seek individuals who can make us better with the talents they bring and the values they exemplify.

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