#HITBI: A KLAS TweetChat - Cover

#HITBI: A KLAS TweetChat

KLAS teamed up with Health Data Management to host a TweetChat on business intelligence in healthcare.

Every day there are healthcare-related conversations in social media. Whatever topic you may be interested in, there is a blog post or a Facebook discussion or a LinkedIn article for that subject. One relatively new social media platform for healthcare discussions is TweetChat. Similar to a chat room, TweetChat uses unique hashtags in Twitter to allow users to have a conversation focused on a particular topic.

About a week ago, KLAS hosted a TweetChat with Health Data Management that was focused on business intelligence and analytics in healthcare. The chat included insights from providers, vendors, and healthcare enthusiasts. It was exciting to see the energy around BI and to gather the perspectives of so many people experiencing firsthand the impacts of BI/BA in healthcare.

Our discussion started with the question, What areas are the most important today for BI and analytics? Clinical areas and population health were popular answers, while others argued that an operational focus was most critical. The importance of healthcare organizations having a culture that encourages and emphasizes BI was also a common theme.  

The second topic was, What really is big data? What are the challenges/opportunities with it in healthcare?A reoccurring response was that the hype and talk around big data are much more substantial that what is actually being done with it. Contributors also mentioned that having the right people to handle big data is a key factor and that many people still do not understand what big data really is.

The third question was, How do we get users more involved/engaged with healthcare BI/BA? Joe VanDeGraff from KLAS said that “Ease of use in vendor tools is a major thing. BIG need. Comes up in every healthcare BI report we do.” Rasu Shrestha, VP of medical information technology at UPMC, tweeted that the “key to getting more engagement is to focus on information VISUALIZATION, in addition to the data and the tools!”

The impact of meaningful use/regulation on the need for business intelligence in healthcare was also discussed, as well as what the future of BI/BA in healthcare looks like. With over 35 different contributors to the conversation, it was a great discussion with a lot of valuable insights. Thanks to everyone that joined us!

What other topics would you like to see KLAS hold TweetChats on? Leave a comment below and let us know.