How did going mobile saved me from 60 months of regret? - Cover

How did going mobile saved me from 60 months of regret?

What if you had the right information at the right time every time you made a decision? Would that change the way you think and act? Let me share with you an example.

So there I was—20 minutes and waiting. I whispered to my wife, “This is a ridiculous. If they don’t like what we proposed, they should just say it and stop playing games.” Right then, the salesman returned, but this time with his manager. They tag teamed the pitch and reasoned that despite all their efforts, they could not sell the vehicle for the price I proposed. The counter offer they made was hardly to our liking. They pushed and pulled and invoked their magic calculator. Just as I was about to give in, it suddenly occurred to me—the power was in my pocket. I pulled out my smartphone and looked up the blue book value for the vehicle. Lo and behold, the vehicle was worth much less than even what I had proposed. In an instant, my app zapped their magic calculator and saved me from 60 months of regret.

Given that the same pains and solutions apply whether you’re buying a $30,000 car or a $500 million clinical platform, how might a KLAS app help you?

At a recent tradeshow, I had the chance to show one CIO what his peers were saying about an EMR system he had recently implemented. After seeing the data, he quipped, “Where were you guys when I was making these decisions?” I wonder what might have happened had he seen the information prior to making a purchase.

Another CIO shared with me discussions he had had with several vendors during a tradeshow. Given a recent slew of practice acquisitions, he was considering which practice management system to keep and which systems to remove. On his last day of the show, tired and ready to return home, he inadvertently stumbled by our booth and asked, “What do you do?” I showed him the performance data on each of the systems he was considering. When I shared with him comments from his peers discussing their experiences with different solutions and vendors, he seemed genuinely surprised. Here again I wonder how he might have approached those discussions with vendors had he seen this information prior to the meetings.

My guess is that these discussions and decisions would have been very different had the CIOs possessed the information they needed in their pockets, just as I did when I was purchasing a car. That said, I want to hear from you. Would placing KLAS data on a mobile platform help you? What features would be most valuable for you?