Interoperability and the All-Powerful Wizard of Oz - Cover

Interoperability and the All-Powerful Wizard of Oz

How much does interoperability have in common with the all-powerful Wizard of Oz? Over the past several months KLAS has been doing research to understand where providers are on interoperability and how well their core vendors are helping.

As we take an early look at the data, it is becoming clear that interoperability and the great Oz share some common traits:

1. The path to both is more challenging than it would first appear.

2. Both bring promises of great things that are often already lying within us.

3. Both are wonderfully mysterious with something hiding behind the curtain.

When Dorothy and her friends finally got to the Emerald City and were able to meet the great Oz they were awed and frightened, that is until the little dog Toto exposed the man behind the curtain.

Stay tuned as KLAS pulls back the curtain on the All-Powerful Oz of Interoperability. With all the posturing and indignation in the media lately around this topic, it should be a fun report. (Scheduled to publish end of September.)

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