KLAS Data Crosses the Border - Cover

KLAS Data Crosses the Border

Monique Rasband, KLAS. Laurie Ziegler, Lourdes, Ascension Health. Dr. Tariq Gill, Albany Medical Center, Founder of Radiologists Without Borders. Brian Wetzel, Lourdes, Ascension Health.

On a recent visit to Tanzania, Africa, with Radiologists without Borders, I visited Muhimbili University to help them set up their mammography program. While working with their team and touring the radiology department, I learned they were trying to find the funds to finance a 256 CT scanner. Although this was financially very difficult, they had an incredible vision and a passion to provide the best possible care for their patients. They had a strong team in both cardiology and radiology. However, while they had the needed physicians and staff, they were lacking a PACS and the basic infrastructure to support a piece of equipment like a CT scanner. They had been speaking to a dealer but were not able to gather all the necessary information needed to make a decision. As we discussed the situation, it was clear they had done their very best to trudge through the details, but ultimately, they were at it alone. It seemed they had more than just budget problems.

I recently had some exciting calls with provider partners back in the U.S. regarding cardiac CT. I was also lucky enough to be with an excellent team of healthcare providers who had experience in CT as well as in dealing with vendors. Yes, dealers are quite different, especially once you leave the U.S., but we were able to walk the Muhimbili team through some of the questions they needed to ask and give them some direction. They were so excited. They could not believe the resources and information we were able to share with them. They immediately planned a meeting for the following day with their executive team, the dean of the university, and the cardiology and radiology teams. We did not have much time to plan, but luckily I was able to go to the KLAS database and gather live data as well as user comments. I also reached out to providers back in the U.S., who were more than willing to help. The meeting was very successful, and it gave the Muhimbili team a new sense of direction and a new perspective. It also raised the question of whether they really needed a 256 CT or whether they could get by on another option.

It was a great opportunity to share KLAS data with an organization that really needed it. The Muhimbili team was so appreciative and could not believe how many providers had taken the time to share their feedback so that they could learn and benefit from those experiences. It was amazing to see firsthand how the data gathered from providers is truly improving healthcare and benefiting others. KLAS data allows providers to share their stories with others and to learn from their peers’ experiences. Do you want to be a part of KLAS data? Share your experiences by filling out a KLAS evaluation.