Practicing Medicine Is the Same Everywhere. . . . Or Is It? - Cover

Practicing Medicine Is the Same Everywhere. . . . Or Is It?

KLAS has just published the first global EMR mindshare report, and frankly, I was shocked by the results. We spoke to international (non-U.S.) healthcare organizations that have recently selected an EMR or who plan to select one in the coming years.

I went into the research thinking that medicine is practiced so differently around the world that surely each vendor would have to customize their solution from a clinical standpoint. I suspected that I would hear that a wide array of vendors is being considered in each country. That simply wasn’t the case. In fact, because medicine is practiced very similarly throughout the world, the real difference is in how the patients and their records are handled.

We learned that the vendors who are able to use current workflows and adapt their solutions are gaining significant mindshare. Some vendors have been doing EMR business for years in the countries we surveyed. But as HIT becomes more prevalent on a global basis and at an ever-increasing rate, some vendors with footholds in the U.S. are losing ground in the global marketplace.

I’d love to know what you think. Please take the survey below to vote on which vendor you think has the highest mindshare outside of the U.S.

Check out the global EMR Perception report to see if you guessed correctly. You might be surprised too.