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Presenting the HDM KLASroom

Recently, from late October through mid-November, Health Data Management (HDM) and KLAS kicked off a new virtual eLearning series. During this four-week series called Traversing the Patient Experience Ecosystem, we heard from KLAS experts and educators at Piedmont Healthcare, MUSC, Providence, Mayo Clinic, Banner Health, UPMC, and other innovative healthcare systems. We leveraged HDM's trusted 26-year objective reporting, highly respected KLAS Research vendor-performance data, and case studies from successful patient-experience improvement initiatives among innovative hospitals and health systems.

Results from the Pilot Series of the HDM KLASroom

The goal of this series was to highlight and discuss some of the changes around and evolution of patient engagement. We wanted to dig into what successes some organizations are having and the challenges we're still trying to solve.

The approach to answering these questions was twofold. We invited provider friends who are on the front lines to participate and brought HIT vendor leaders to the table. We needed both perspectives, and we expected to facilitate some great conversations around what is working and what we still want to accomplish. The content is a pretty good mix of data that KLAS has published, provider experiences, and vendor expertise.

As a result, we were able to create more energy around what's being accomplished. We want this experience to be a catalyst for more ideas and thoughts on how organizations can continue to improve their patient engagement strategies with technology.

Why Partner With HDM?

Both HDM and KLAS work to share insights that can advance the healthcare industry to support care-delivery improvement. This shared vision created great synergy and helped us to establish what we hope is a long-lasting partnership. The collaboration is part of HDM’s Channel Partners strategy. KLAS insights, along with additional virtual series, will be distributed on HDM’s website in the HDM KLASroom.

For KLAS, the channel partnership enables us to expand the reach of our ongoing research, provide access to our data for a broader audience, and support our mission of research to aid improvement within the healthcare industry.

KLAS is always looking for distribution partners to help our content have a broader reach, and we work with organizations like HDM and others to do that.

Health Data Management is the flagship of HDMgroup, a nonprofit pursuing a mission of providing education and information to support the healthcare industry’s efforts to achieve the Quadruple Aim. This aim is a widely accepted imperative essential in transitioning the industry to a sustainable, effective, and cost-efficient future.

HDM is also building on its 26 year-reputation as a go-to resource for news and analysis among CIOs, CMIOs, and healthcare IT teams. The new HDM engages healthcare professionals across the industry’s most comprehensive network of healthcare communities.

The new HDM is established in partnership with Health Sciences South Carolina; it creates clarity through the HDM platform by providing evidence-based, solution-focused content for healthcare leadership making clinical and operational decisions.

Plans for Future Collaboration

So, this is not going to be a one-and-done partnership. As far as future collaboration on more virtual eLearning series goes, we’ve already discussed some other topics we're looking at addressing together including clinician experience, transitions of care, cybersecurity, and others. We may even circle back to patient experience again after some time.

Keep an eye out for our future eLearning series. We hope to see you there!

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