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Radiologists Making A Difference

Dr. Tariq Gill is the head of a very large radiology group in New York state as well as a foundation called Radiologists Without Borders. Recently he reflected on a trip he took to Tanzania where he moved one step closer to fulfilling a passion he’s had for years … to provide radiology services to third world countries.

The goal of this trip was to deploy a teleradiology workstation to allow for the transfer of images from Tanzania to talented radiologists here in the United States. In describing the medical conditions that he witnessed in this impoverished country, his voice became a bit broken. His overwhelming statement and one that stuck with me was, “I kept seeing these conditions and thinking that there wasn’t ANYTHING I’ve done to deserve so much better than these people.”

We cannot even begin to compare our access to world-class healthcare in the United States to what many have access to in other countries. I have been incredibly impressed with Dr. Gill’s passion and vision, that since we have been given so much, we must be willing to share what we can with those who are less fortunate. He considers technology to be the mechanism that can allow him to make a difference in numerous lives.

Through my interactions with Dr. Tariq Gill and his Radiologists Without Borders I have found hope for the care that we can show for others in need. To these radiologists, directors, hospitals, and (in the case of Ascension Health) health systems, I offer a very reverent thanks to the efforts they are putting forth.

If there are any who read this and would like to know how to help you can contact the foundation below: or email:

I’d love to hear any other stories of providers taking the initiative to improve healthcare worldwide.