RSNA says "Meaningful Users" greatly impact the practice and reimbursement of radiology - Cover

RSNA says "Meaningful Users" greatly impact the practice and reimbursement of radiology

KLAS and RSNA are collaborating on research which allows radiologists to share information about Meaningful Use as it applies to radiology. Help substantiate the research by providing your own feedback. Please refer to the following letter from Sarah S. Donaldson, MD and Chairman, RSNA Board of Directors.  

Dear RSNA Member,

As you may know, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONCHIT) has been mandated by the federal government to draw up guidelines for the Meaningful Use of IT in healthcare.  Meaningful Use requirements are meant to improve healthcare through the use of IT. They will be tied to reimbursement incentives for healthcare providers who are successful “Meaningful Users.” The development of these guidelines will directly impact the practice and reimbursement of radiology.

RSNA has asked KLAS, a company that conducts research on healthcare technology, to provide a forum for radiologists to share their opinions about how to make these guidelines beneficial and applicable to radiology. 

Your responses will be kept in confidence as only aggregate data will be reported and no identifying information will be disclosed to any person within or outside of RSNA.

The results of this survey will be analyzed and compiled into a report by KLAS. The report will be available at the RSNA 2011 Annual Meeting, and, most important, will be reviewed by ONCHIT. Thus your responses can help decide how Meaningful Use will be applied to radiology.

 I thank you!

Sarah S. Donaldson, MD
Chairman, RSNA Board of Directors