#RSNAchat: What were the biggest take-aways from RSNA 2013? - Cover

#RSNAchat: What were the biggest take-aways from RSNA 2013?

KLAS hosted a RSNA TweetChat to discuss key take-aways from this year's show.

This was my seventh year attending RSNA. Every year the technologies at the show, the interactions I have with attendees, and the energy at the show highlight the challenges and opportunities facing imaging. I was particularly surprised this year by the social media presence. The Twittersphere was taken over by radiologists and RSNA attendees sharing their experiences and insights from the show. KLAS decided to jump on the #RSNA13 bandwagon and host a TweetChat (#RSNAchat) recapping key take-aways from the show.

With 47 contributors and 527 tweets, #RSNAchat quickly became a very informative discussion with vendors, providers, and members of the media sharing their insights from RSNA 2013. The discussion focused on where the energy was throughout the show, the game-changing technology on display, attendees’ key take-aways, and the impact of the RSNA theme, “The Power of Partnership.” Below are some of the key findings from the chat.

  • RSNA on Twitter. There was a consensus among attendees that the RSNA social presence was more prevalent than ever before.
  • Global Presence. Many comments revolved around the increased global presence at RSNA this year.
  • Analytics Will Have a Huge Impact. When asked what the biggest game changers will be this next year, respondents mentioned analytics multiple times.
  • Patient-Centered Care. Patient-centered care was an important topic of conversation throughout the chat and also throughout the RSNA conference.
  • Clinical Decision Support, Image Sharing, Dose, Slice. These issues were a big part of the discussion around game-changing technologies and key take-aways.

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