Should Providers Demand a ‘Prenuptial Agreement’ from EMR Vendors? - Cover

Should Providers Demand a ‘Prenuptial Agreement’ from EMR Vendors?

I’ve been loosely following the Donald Sterling situation and his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers. It appears that if his wife files for divorce, it could severely disrupt the NBA’s decision to require Sterling to sell the team . . . all because of California’s divorce laws. What a mess, right? Most divorces are.

The situation got me wondering how many healthcare providers wish they could divorce their EMR vendor and get half of their money back. Obviously, the contracts are written and signed months or years before the system is implemented, and there is little recourse for dissatisfied customers.

At KLAS, we speak to thousands of providers each year. Some are happily married to their vendors, and others have their vendors sleeping on the couch but still have to live with them.What do you think? Should vendors offer financial recourse to healthcare providers if they can’t deliver on their promises?

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