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The Value of DHIS19: International

My position as a managing director at Harris Williams gives me a unique view of the marketplace. I am a co-head of the firm’s Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT) Group, and I have responsibility for the firm’s European operations, so I take interest in many global topics in which Harris Williams is involved. One of those topics is healthcare IT.

Harris Williams has seen a huge amount of consolidation in the segment, as well as strong interest from both strategic buyers and private equity groups. We’ve been fortunate to have worked on a number of significant deals in healthcare IT. We have advised companies of all sizes, from growth companies to much larger assets, on transactions with strategic and private equity groups. We have a successful track record of advising companies on sales to large strategic buyers, such as Hearst.  

KLAS is another key player in the healthcare IT space. Given the large footprint KLAS has, particularly in the U.S., we at Harris Williams thought it would make sense for our two firms to collaborate in an inaugural event. We wanted to create a forum in which healthcare IT leaders could gather and participate in a variety of interesting discussions. That event is the Digital Health Investment Symposium (DHIS) International, or DHIS19: International for short.

Here, I’d like to start the conversation by addressing three questions related to healthcare IT, KLAS data, and DHIS19: International.

Why Are Investors Excited About Healthcare IT?

One reason that investors are so interested in healthcare IT is the fact it helps providers solve several critical challenges. Businesses that can help solve major problems, like those in healthcare, will ultimately grow in value.

That’s why investors are very excited about the growth prospects for healthcare IT companies. This is especially true of large strategic buyers who currently sell legacy technology systems and are struggling to find growth. These strategics are looking at smaller, more nimble, higher-growth businesses to realize synergies and support their own growth.

Another intriguing factor within global healthcare IT is the relatively small number of players. While some are trying to become global, many have struggled due to vastly different regulations, software deployment strategies, and data use cases across various geographies.

How Does KLAS Data Help Investors?

I appreciate KLAS’ data on vendor differentiation, market share, and trends. The industry is able to trust this data because it comes straight from healthcare providers.

KLAS’ data helps on two fronts. First, it helps us quickly identify emerging leaders within healthcare IT segments. Knowing about these vendors early enables us to proactively reach out to them.

KLAS’ data plays an additional and equally important role for companies like Harris Williams and our clients. It helps us think about how to position healthcare IT vendors relative to their competitors or, more broadly, players across the industry.

Who Will Find Value in DHIS19: International?

Harris Williams and KLAS are committed to facilitating high-quality conversations. We wanted an event in Europe where stakeholders could have in-depth discussions on key topics of interest in the industry.

If you are a large player within the industry, you’ll probably agree that it’s always interesting and worthwhile to share your views and experiences with others within the space. That gives you an idea of what challenges are being faced and how they’re being addressed. Best practices can also be shared.

On the other side of the coin are the investors, particularly those who are already deep in a healthcare IT market segment or are looking to jump into one. At DHIS19: International these investors will have access to healthcare IT leaders and will be able to dig deep into several sectors.

Ready for Action

I look forward to learning, collaborating, and working with the DHIS19 attendees. I am confident that all participants will walk away with plenty of ideas for how to create value in the healthcare IT market—as well make as some new friends.

     Photo Cred: Stutterstock, Vasin Lee