Version Vexation - Cover

Version Vexation

Wanting to get to meaningful use? Well, better make sure you are on the right version of your vendor’s software. Serious upgrades are in the works if you are a McKesson, Meditech or Siemens customer. Every vendor has a version you need to be on for their “certified version”. See if you can descramble the alphabet soup:

Eclipsys SCM5.5
McKesson Horizon 10.3
Siemens Soarian C6
GE Centricity6
Meditech C/S 5.6, 6.x
Epic EpicCare ’08, ’09, ‘10

Version 6 for Meditech looks great according to customers who have seen the enhanced GUI, and early results from their beta sites are positive. But…how many can they actually move in a month? And are you OK if you move in 2014?

Version 10.3 for McKesson will be a make or break for Horizon customers. 10.1 had some issues that caused challenges including response times and major conversion work. 10.3 has to be better, and will be a significant test of McKesson’s focus post Pam Pure. Is McKesson becoming a delivery company?

C6 for Soarian will finally bring the functionality that helps providers get to CPOE. They have jumped from just over 100 physicians to nearly 1000 doing CPOE this year. Good news for Siemens customers, but scary to customers how much is riding on these new releases.

Do your vendor’s versions have you vexed?