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Welcome to the KLAS Blogosphere

Shoppers may not be filling up the local mall, but vendors seem to be doing plenty of purchasing this holiday season. Last week Hospira, a vendor who primarily manufactures smart infusion pumps, purchased Theradoc, a company in our back yard (Salt Lake City) focusing on infection surveillance. Dell finalized their acquisition of Perot in November and Xerox announced back in September their acquisition of ACS. And that may be just the beginning with many vendors looking to grow outside of their normal box…

Where will these new captains steer the ship? I typically expect things to change little in the short run, but a ton in the long run. Things will likely get better or worse, but rarely stay the same. Just ask Healthlink customers about the IBM acquisition or Accenture customers after seeing surprising improvement after the Capgemini acquisition.

Of course, all the acquisitions are by new players that most of us are not accustomed to playing in the HIT software space. Have you had experiences with Xerox, Dell or Hospira that might point to how these acquisitions will end up? And if you’ve been in this seat before, how long does it typically take for you to see a real change when a vendor is acquired?