When You Are Client Centric, You Ask (Client Centric Part 4) - Cover

When You Are Client Centric, You Ask (Client Centric Part 4)

A very recent interview with a provider executive uncovered a great deal of satisfaction with the vendor’s overall enthusiasm and commitment around their recent implementation but a glaring gap in the depth of knowledge and expertise in one critical area.

Shortly thereafter I had the occasion to speak with the vendor and asked about the expertise they had in this critical area (without referring to my provider call). The vendor reported great strength in that particular area and noted that some of their most seasoned staff had just successfully implemented the exact client I had just spoken to (they referred to them by name).

It was apparent the vendor’s view of industry depth and expertise was much different than their provider client’s view. It should not take an outside party to point out such glaring gaps.

Customer-centric vendors have a deep appetite to know how they are doing, intensely and continuously ask for feedback from their clients, and then act on the feedback. It is a never-ending learning cycle and pays off big for both vendor and client.