Who Provides Productivity AND Partnership in CAC? - Cover

Who Provides Productivity AND Partnership in CAC?

As the ICD-10 transition approaches, most providers have realized they need assistance determining not only what ramifications the transition will have on their organization but also what vendor(s) can best prepare them for the productivity loss and decreased revenue generation that will surely accompany it.

Based on industry research and KLAS analysis, it seems clear that ICD-10 will deliver a major hit to coder productivity. Canadian medicals coders lost as much as 40% of their productivity after the switch; medical coders in a HIMSS pilot program lost 50%; at one AHIMA conference, providers discussed losing anywhere from 20% to 65%.

Healthcare providers are looking to CAC to mitigate this loss before it happens, a fact that is reflected in increasing sales and implementations of CAC solutions. However, the story for established players is starkly different than that for new entrants. 3M and Optum continue to hold a significant lead in mindshare and market share, but both have increasingly impatient clients, as implementation and customer support problems persist. These challenges have opened the door for newer entrants like Dolbey, Nuance, and Precyse, with Dolbey and Nuance in particular demonstrating excellent partnership and customer support.

Some of these vendors are closer than others to hitting the sweet spot providers need: a vendor who enables strong productivity gains and delivers a high level of partnership. Read KLAS’ recently published Hospital-Based CAC report to find out who!  

KLAS Image: CAC report chart