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Why KLAS Publishes the Best in KLAS® Report

The 2024 Best in KLAS® report will be published soon. If you haven’t already, mark your calendars for February 7 at 8 a.m. ET.

If you talk to any KLAS employee, regardless of their role, they’ll tell you that the Best in KLAS report takes a lot of effort. It’s something we prepare for throughout the entire year. It is likely the most intensive KLAS report in terms of sheer research hours and efforts to make sure we hit minimum data levels across all market segments. Add to that work more hours for designing the report, preparing online to make publication as smooth as possible, communicating with winning vendors, and planning the awards night after publication.

It’s a big project but one that I’m sure everyone involved would say is worth it. Why? Let’s take a deeper look.

The History

To understand a big part of why the Best in KLAS report is worth it, it’s useful to look at how it began.

Kent Gale remembers that when KLAS first began in 1996, there was a great appetite among his provider executive contacts for a vendor comparison report. So in 1999, we published the first Top 20 report, showcasing the performance of various healthcare IT vendors. For more details, I recommend reading Kent’s blog, but suffice it to say, many vendors were not happy about this report. Our provider friends stood by us and helped us weather that storm. Then, a pivotal moment came when Karen Ondo, then a KLAS executive, presented on vendor performance at HIMSS and the room was packed with listening providers.

Providers working with KLAS then asked us to expand the measured products and services. From 2005 on, the Top 20 report became the Best in KLAS report. Providers made the Best in KLAS report what it is today. And thousands more providers continue to use the report as a part of their due diligence work in finding new vendor partners. True to its beginnings, the Best in KLAS report aims to fulfill the needs of healthcare professionals and their organizations first and foremost.

A Chance to Celebrate: A Founder’s Take

When asked why we continue to publish the Best in KLAS report, Adam Gale, cofounder and CEO of KLAS, had some thoughts to share.

“Everyone in this industry, providers, vendors, and KLAS, runs around day to day trying to solve everyday challenges. So the Best in KLAS report gives us a chance to do two impactful things:

One, it gives us a chance to slow down and see the scoreboard, so to speak. Most athletic events have some finish line that shows clearly who ranks where in the moment. Best in KLAS is our finish line that shows which vendors made the most concerted effort over the last year.

Two, it gives us the chance to celebrate a job well done. Most providers will say thank you to their vendors for what they’ve accomplished, but they follow that with what they need next. Sharing a snapshot of where vendors are today gives KLAS a chance to congratulate the folks that really have gone above and beyond in serving their clients in meeting the needs of patients. The reality is that expectations go up every year; it seems that whatever was an A last year is a B next year. And if you’re only focused on that grind, it can be tough to continue to stay motivated. KLAS knows it is important to have space to slow down, catch your breath, and high-five for a moment. That is at least part of the goal in sharing the Best in KLAS data.”

See for Yourself

These are just some of the reasons that the KLAS team is so excited to publish Best in KLAS each year. So when it publishes, I hope you’ll take some time to read it. The 2024 Best in KLAS Awards – Software and Services report will be available here on the KLAS website.

We will also be talking more about the Best in KLAS report in the coming weeks! Keep an eye out here for more information on how providers can best utilize the Best in KLAS report and what vendors can do with the insights and to get an insider look at the most improved vendor of the year.

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