Would You Rebuild Your Security System Using Blockchain? - Cover

Would You Rebuild Your Security System Using Blockchain?

The following is an excerpt from KLAS' recent Digital Health Investment Symposium (DHIS). This video comes from the DHIS18 panel on cybersecurity. Each panelist below answered the question: Would you rebuild your security system using blockchain?

The Panelists:

  • Dan Bowden, VP & CISO Sentara Healthcare

  • Nassar Nizami, SVP & CIO Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

  • Karl West, AVP & CISO Intermountain Healthcare

  • Dan Czech, Director of Market Analysis, KLAS

Dan Bowden:           
"Maybe the answer for me is, is no, and I'm running a big, broad blockchain product project for my health system."

Karl West:
"I have for blockchain projects. No."

Nassar Nizami:
"Yes. Same, no. I mean it's a shiny, bright thing right now that has applications in many areas. But I don't see a really compelling reason to do blockchain in healthcare yet. I mean, there are theories out there that are really good, but practically speaking, no.

Karl West:
"I think the reason I would say no as in order to do it, you're going to need to be bleeding edge. Is that a financial decision your company's willing to take? There isn't support. There isn't the standard model. What is blockchain? I said we have four projects underway, because our CEO thinks that's what we need to be doing. And so. And we're doing it. It's a very expensive."

"It's basically impossible, but I'm talking about 2025 or 2030."

Karl West:
"Only if somebody picks it up. A vendor has to pick that up. Adopt it, put standards around it. It's like a Linux and Unix. Somebody has to support it and you have to have standards around key trust chain management."