Healthcare IT Security & Risk Analysis Report - Cover
News Release

September 10, 2015
Contact: Joshua Schneck

Healthcare IT Security & Risk Analysis Report

Keeping patients’ sensitive information confidential is paramount to healthcare providers, but it’s becoming more difficult in a digital world. In order to better understand the security vendor landscape, KLAS interviewed approximately 75 providers about the systems they are currently using and what measures they employ to mitigate security breaches. This inaugural security report, “Health Data Security: 155 Vendors Identified—Who is Protecting Your Data?”, discusses these findings as well as highlights which vendors offer what solutions and helps shine a light on the gaps the industry is facing as a whole.

Many vendors offer multiple solutions across data security segments; however, the majority of providers in this report don’t use the same vendor for all their security needs. In fact, 70% of providers use an average of four different vendors to meet their security requirements.

breadth of security partnership chart

“Ensuring the security of personal information is an ongoing battle, and we see many healthcare vendors trying to provide solutions,” said Research Director Trisha Alexander. “This is a complex problem that will continue to evolve as providers look for various options.”  

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