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October 06, 2016
Contact: Joshua Schneck

Keystone Summit produces population health definition of core provider functionalities

A definition of core provider population health IT functionality was agreed upon by a unique summit of healthcare IT vendor and provider executives. This definition (Keystone Summit White Paper) was designed to benefit healthcare provider organizations, who assume risk, by defining core functionality that most use to operate. KLAS Research will utilize this definition framework throughout 2017 to better define the competencies of industry-vended IT solutions and publish the results in a population health report.

The Keystone Summit was held September 27–28, 2016 at Snowbird Resort in Utah. Summit participants viewed this document as an evolutionary endeavor that will evolve with the healthcare technology landscape.

Shawn Griffin, MD, Richard Vath, MD, Keith Fernandez, MD, and Rick Schooler, CIO played lead roles in the creation of this definition framework. “I am proud of the collaborative work that attendees contributed and the time invested to produce this framework to educate providers and vendors of the tools and needs to take better care of our populations,” said Shawn Griffin, MD: Chief Quality and Informatics Officer at the Memorial Hermann Physician Network. “We recognize that this framework is not perfect but is reflective of our shared experiences, and we look forward to improving this based on feedback.”  

Read the Keystone Summit White Paper.

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