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November 03, 2015
Contact: Joshua Schneck

KLAS finds fee-for-service drives CRM usage

More providers are considering CRM usage for targeted marketing

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a standard in many industries; however, with the fee-for-service trend in healthcare, more providers are adopting a CRM tool to get patients in the door and keep revenue flowing. For a new report released today, entitled "Healthcare CRM 2015: From Acquiring Patients to Managing Health," KLAS interviewed 130 providers, 40 of whom are currently using a CRM solution, to gauge where the CRM market is going and how vendors are performing in the healthcare space.

KLAS found that 53% of the providers surveyed are using a CRM for precision marketing, and 42% said they use a CRM for contact management. Evariant and Influence Health were found to have the biggest market share, and both were cited for their strong marketing functionality. Epic and Salesforce were the next two most prevalent companies used by providers for a CRM solution.

"Although the pace of adoption is not rapidly changing, providers' reasons for pursuing CRM are shifting along with the growth in value-based care," said Adam Cherrington, KLAS research director. "The report looks at what is driving adoption and validates functionality with an early perspective on vendor performance."

Some providers indicated they are considering investing in a CRM solution for the purpose of population health management (PHM). That sentiment was also echoed by providers who are currently using a CRM product. KLAS found that no vendor stands out as a clear leader, as the current CRM tools lack the analytics capabilities required for PHM.

To access the two-page summary of “Healthcare CRM 2015: From Acquiring Patients to Managing Health,” media should email Joshua Schneck at josh@snowcommunications.com.

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