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June 08, 2016
Contact: Joshua Schneck

Product quality and support critical to provider success

Global (non-U.S.) PACS report highlights vendor performance and strategic growth

The “Global PACS 2016” report, published today, found significant variation in how well the vendors in the field deliver quality products and provide support to customers. Sectra received a high score of 86.5 for overall performance as well as praise from their customers for their availability and quality of service from all levels of management. INFINITT and Fuji were both recognized for their strong region-specific support channels with overall performance scores of 87.7* and 86.3* respectively. Intelerad scored high for ease of use and overall product quality with a score of 88.7*.

*scores not reaching Konfidence levels

vendor performance comparison

"KLAS continues to expand our international HIT research and is thrilled to publish the inaugural global (non-U.S.) PACS report containing much-needed data for healthcare providers,” said Eder Lagemann, Research Director, International segment. “We found information about PACS products to be of most immediate interest to international healthcare professionals, and we appreciate those who were willing to share their experiences. Together, we can help vendors provide quality products and customer support.”

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